Hi! Welcome to Whisper in Style.

My name is Rebecca and my inspiration behind this boutique was to curate pieces that were timeless and can be reworn through the years. Working in corporate for over a decade I found it difficult to find pieces that can be worn for work clothes, going out clothes and everyday wear. I got to a point where I was spending so much money on trends and fast fashion that nothing was wearable after a couple of uses and I wasn't able to wear those trendy clothes to work or going out. I simplified my wardrobe to pieces that could be worn for all facets of my life and save me money as well. Making this change in my wardrobe saved me so much money but also helped me build a capsule wardrobe that has evolved throughout my life. I wanted to bring that same simplicity to my boutique, where you will find pieces that are neutral, minimalist, classy and can be worn for different occasions. Looking luxurious doesn't have to be expensive and with Whisper in Style you will never have to say "I don't have anything to wear in my closet".